Fertility Support Programs

A.R.T. of Wellness Coach provides personalized programs unique to each individual or couple. Generally, the programs are in 3-month intervals to coincide with medical care. In addition, one-on-one coaching is provided and custom programs can be arranged. Contact us to find the right fit for you.

3-Month Program

The ultimate goal of the 3-Month Program is to work towards the vision, define the current path to get to the vision, help you cope with experiences based on where you are now, and how best to move towards parenthood.
Through this experience, we will
  • discover how to support the progress you want to make in this temporary crisis.
  • help you throughout the monthly cycle, answer questions to understand what is happening in your body and how it all works.
  • help you find yourself, your goals, your strengths and what is important to you.
  • build strategies to help how this experience affects you, your family, friends, work, and social life.
  • overcome fear, remove any shame of sadness, and instead, have hope as the fundamental emotion.
  • give you a SELF, a sense of hope, optimism, a belief in yourself, and the confidence to know you can make it through.
Scheduling generally falls within these parameters
  • Complimentary consultation – 20 minute introductory phone call
  • Consultation Meeting – 50 minute meeting to meet you, review health and history, learn goals and needs, and develop a plan to support fertility treatments
  • Check-In Phone Calls (3 per month) to answer questions, examine how plan is progressing, discuss current treatments, and identify additional needed support.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment to share questions, concerns, feelings and talk through ambiguities, frustrations and insecurities. The focus is understanding, encouragement, and enlightenment for a sense of hope.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions available in addition to the 3-Month Program or on an as-needed basis.

Doctor / Patient Collaboration

ART of Wellness is your liaison between patients and doctors to collaborate to ensure  medical and lifestyle choices are integrated with the overall fertility plan. Connie’s 25+ years of working with physicians provides her the knowledge, education, and experience required to support fertility centers and patients. Her unwavering compassion, support, and desire to help people leads her to easily work with and facilitate the needs of both doctors and patients.
ART of Wellness offers
  • In-House Collaboration Programs to provide support to the center doctors, nurses, staff and patients throughout the journey; thereby establishing a close connection with all to support a healthy and an educated approach to positive outcomes.
  • Off-Site Programs are provided for those patients whose doctors have not yet established In-House Collaboration Programs with Art of Wellness.

Fertility Education

Retreats, seminars, one-on-one coaching, workshops, conversations about fertility matters and answering questions are all a part of learning how to best navigate through the process. The programs provide explanations, therapies, procedures, programs, treatments, and resources on a personalized basis.

Health Assessments

Assessing your lifestyle related to fertility is key to identify areas for modifications. Connie will help identify areas in your healthy living that can be improved. Learn how to integrate healthier behaviors into your daily living for now and for your future.

Support Groups

Support Groups offer a powerful connection amongst people sharing like experiences. Attendees find great value receiving support from one another. (Some groups still meet 5 to 6 years later!)

Nutrition & Exercise

Nutrition directly effects fertility in many ways. Connie will help identify areas to integrate good nutrition practices, along with exercise and weight management to create a healthier long-term lifestyle.

Stress Management

During the fertility journey, stress shows itself in many forms. Learning how to manage stress, process grief, and cope with the emotions in daily life can be helped by many types of modalities.  Exercise, fertility massage, yoga, acupuncture and other options can lessen the stress brought on by fertility challenges. Finding the right fit for your preferences is the key.

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