Fertility Doctors & A.R.T. of Wellness

Bridging Medical Care with Heart & Healing

The A.R.T. of Wellness offers patients compassionate support to help individuals and couples prepare for family life by improving their overall lifestyle, fitness and well-being. As an IVF nurse and reproductive specialist for more than 25 years, I understand my client’s medical situations, as well as the negativity and disheartening emotions that can come from trying to conceive.
For over 25 years, I have collaborated with Fertility Doctors to offer care that compliments your medical regime. My mission is to help patients feel a better sense of being in control of their fertility journey by taking care of themselves. When they feel their best self, feel confident and are educated about their experience, they are better equipped to make life decisions to pursue family life, whether that be a pregnancy, an adoption or a child-free life.
Nurturing greater mind and body awareness, can free couples from negativity with miraculous results. We will point you in the right direction to find positive resources that to enhance fertility, such as nutrition, weight loss, acupuncture, stress management and support groups.
Let’s join together and live the motto,

“Never leave a patient crying in a room during a life crisis, but give hope and help heal their heart.”


Founder & Fertility Coach; 2014 – present
A.R.T. of Wellness, Bolingbrook, Illinois
Provide holistic fertility coaching for those wishing to conceive, with an emphasis on enhancing overall health and well-being. Services are offered directly to the individual or through a physician’s office. A.R.T. of Wellness, P.C., provides important resources, including support groups, educational programs and medical alternatives to enhance fertility such as acupuncture, weight loss, nutrition and other modalities.
Nurse Educator / Wellness Coordinator R.N.C., October, 2005 – present
Center for Reproductive Health
  • Helped patients to understand every aspect of fertility experience: emotional impact of medical treatment, outcome of uncertainty and decision making.
  • Provided information specific to fertility work-up and diagnosis, including ultrasonography, andrology, phlebotomy and intrauterine inseminations
  • Coached patients through the grieving process and through other emotional reproductive events
  • Designed “Enhancing Body and Mind Wellness Group” to support people through their fertility journey
  • Increased patient retention as the IVF Coordinator
  • Nurse Educator for clinical and support staff
IVF Coordinator, 1991 – 2005
Center for Reproductive Health Associates
  • Practiced IVF under the counsel/guidance of Dr. John Rinehart
  • Integral member of interdisciplinary care team dedicated to practicing reproductive medicine
Regional IVF Coordinator / Clinical Manager, 1994 – 1998
Center for Human Reproduction


  • R.N., St. Joseph College of Nursing
  • B.S. Health Administration, University of St. Francis



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